Your Mini Guide for Wallpaper Removal London

Are you ready to banish the old wallpaper and install new one to give your home a new and fresh look? If yes, read this mini wallpaper removal guide that we have created for you. This will surely help you make some important decisions related to wallpaper removal London

wallpaper removal in London

Wallpaper Removal London: What is the need for upgrading? 

Although wallpapers have now made a comeback in the UK, the styles have greatly changed. If you want to upgrade any room instantly, the best solution is to either change the wallpaper or get the walls painted. 

Another reason to remove wallpaper is during a home renovation. You are getting your entire home renovated, and it becomes extremely essential to remove the ugly and old wallpaper. It creates a flat and even surface for further decoration. 

Furthermore, if the walls under your wallpaper are in poor condition, it is a wise decision to remove the wallpaper and tackle the issues at once. You can then cover your wall with moisture-resistant wallpaper to cover the dampness. You can use expert wallpaper removal London services to save yourself from pain. 

Wallpaper Removal London: What is the cost? 

The average cost of wallpaper removal in London is about £350 per room. The costs can vary if you add additional services with wallpaper removal, like painting or wall repairs. You can call us anytime to get a quote for our services offering wallpaper removal in London. 

Wallpaper Removal London: Knowing the common methods of removal

There are three major ways to remove wallpapers. While none of these methods is easy, one can be more time-consuming than the other. Here is how wallpaper is removed in these three methods: 


This method makes use of an electric steamer to dampen the wallpaper to break its adhesive. It is advised to score the wallpaper before starting the steaming process. It is typically one of the most expensive methods of wallpaper removal

wallpaper removal

Soaking and Scraping

Once the wallpaper is perforated, it is then the time to soak it. It will start dissolving the glue. After that, the wallpaper can be scraped off. This is a time-consuming and difficult process but affordable as compared to steaming. 

Chemical Stripping

The chemical stripping method is a little more expensive than soaking and scraping. But it is an effective method. Liquid chemicals are used to dissolve the wallpaper adhesive, and then the wallpaper can be stripped off. 

Once you are done with removal, explore chic style with exclusive wallpaper design London services, transforming your space into a masterpiece.

Wallpaper Removal London: Factors Affecting the RemovalCosts

No two wallpaper removal jobs are the same. Here are some factors that will decide the total cost of wallpaper removal: 

Number of Layers

Before starting the job, it is important to know how many different layers of wallpaper are covering your walls. The more layers, the more the cost. 

Size of the room

When it comes to the size of the room, the cost of removing wallpaper in London is higher for big rooms as compared to small rooms. 

Layout of the room

It is easy to remove wallpaper in a simple square-shaped room. But when the room design is complex, many nooks and corners have to be addressed. This increases the total cost of the job. 

Number of Rooms

If the wallpaper has to be removed throughout your home, it will, of course, be costly as compared to a single room. 

Type of Wallpaper

Some wallpapers are strippable, which means they are easy to remove. The quicker and easier the wallpapers can be removed, the cheaper they will be its cost. 

Condition of walls

Damaged walls need to be repaired after the wallpaper removal process. This will add up to the total cost of wallpaper removal in London. 

Method of removal

As already told above, steaming is one of the most expensive methods of wallpaper removal. Soaking and scraping is quite affordable, but it is very time-consuming. 

Can I remove the wallpaper myself? 

Although it is possible to remove wallpaper yourself, you need time and energy to do this job. It is a physically exhausting process.

It is sometimes very hard to reach certain heights while removing wallpaper. Therefore, professional help becomes necessary. Always remember, if the job is not done properly, it can cause damage to your walls. 

When you hire a professional to remove wallpaper in London, you can rest assured that the job will be done to the highest quality. 

How can we help? 

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