What are the best and the worst ways of wallpaper removal in London

What are the best and the worst ways of wallpaper removal in London?

Are you ready to give an exciting and new look to your home? But before you refresh your wallpaper, you need to prepare your walls by removing the old wallpaper. It is essential to spend time to make sure that the wall you’ll be working on is flat and even. It should not have holes, chips or old pieces of wallpaper on it. If you start working on a wall that is not in good condition, you will end up achieving an uneven finish that looks incredibly tacky. 

So this blog will take you through some common ways you can follow to remove the wallpaper and some ways that you should definitely avoid. 

Wallpaper Removal London: Effective ways of wallpaper Removal

To begin our blog, we are going to tell you some best ways to remove the wallpaper. There are two main ways to remove it: 

Wallpaper Removal with a steam stripper

A steam stripper has a water tank that is fitted to a water plate. Hot Steam comes out of the plate when the tank is heated. This is then held against the wall to loosen the wallpaper. To begin removing the wallpaper using a steamer, you need to hold the steamer until the paper starts becoming damp. This means that the Steam has penetrated the wallpaper and is now ready to be removed. If you are still struggling to budge it, you can hold the steamer against the wall again to dampen the wallpaper. Alternatively, you can also take the help of expert wallpaper removal services in London

Electric steam stripper has numerous benefits when it comes to wallpaper removal: 

  • They are the best options for large areas of wallpaper.
  • This method is particularly very effective when you are trying to remove stubborn wallpapers. 
  • It is an easy option since Steam does all the heavy work. 

Wallpaper Removal with a Stripping solution

A stripping solution is a liquid that is applied to help in wallpaper removal. The solution dissolves the adhesive of the wallpaper, thus releasing it from the walls. Then, you will have to pull the wallpaper from the wall gently. This type of method is excellent when you are trying to remove one or two layers of wallpaper, and you are working on a small wall. 

There are numerous DIY recipes available on the Internet to make these stripping solutions. However, as an expert wallpaper installation and removal service in London, we recommend you only use premade solutions. This will save you time and money. Also, ready-made solutions are tried and tested, so there will not be any significant damage to your walls. 

Which wallpaper removal method is the best for my walls? 

The answer to this question depends entirely on the state of your walls and the wallpaper. You can decide which method is the best by taking a careful look at your walls. But before deciding, make sure to carry out these steps: 

  • Take a stripping knife and remove a section of wallpaper from the corner. This will let you know how many layers of wallpaper you have to work on. If you have multiple layers, it is best to use an electric steamer for wallpaper removal. 
  • Remove a section of wallpaper by pulling or stripping it from the wall. Does it come out in one piece and relatively straightforward? If yes, then you can go for a stripping solution; otherwise electric steamer is the best. 

What are the worst ways to remove wallpaper? 

Since now, we have looked at the most effective ways to remove the wallpaper, let us now tell you some worst ways, too, so that you do not bring these ways into practice. These ways are not only ineffective, but they will indeed cause problems in the long run, too. This means you are likely to spend more money too and we definitely do not want that. 

Papering or Painting over the Wallpaper

Let us suppose you have found the wallpaper of your dreams, and you want wallpaper installation in London, straightaway. Papering over a finished wallpaper is an ineffective option and can cause more trouble than it first seems: 

  • Firstly, the walls may be damaged. In this case, it is not a good idea to mask the problem with brand-new wallpaper. 
  • Secondly, if your old wallpaper has bold and dark patterns, then these patterns become visible from the new wallpaper. For this reason, we recommend our readers remove the old wallpaper altogether and then start with a new one. Some more negative impacts of wallpapering over the existing wallpaper are: 
  • An uneven finish with bubbles and creases
  • Wallpaper becomes hard to remove in future.
  • New wallpaper may not stick to the old one.

Applying too much pressure or using the wrong tools.

There might be some areas on your wallpaper that need to be more complicated to remove. This is a common issue and arises especially when the old wallpaper has been on your walls for a long time. The adhesive, in this case, becomes rock solid.

The wrong thing to do in such a case is to use heavy-duty tools to pull the wallpaper out. Trust us, you will do more harm than good if you start using these heavy-duty tools. You might chip off a portion of your wall and do some severe damage to your pipes and electrical works. The best advice we could give is to consult expert wallpaper removal services in London. 

Are you ready to give your walls a new look with wallpaper installation in London? 

We hope you found our post on wallpaper removal helpful. We know it can be a dull part of wallpaper installation. But trust us, the part that follows is fascinating and will help you create the room of your dreams. From natural themes to textured ones, think about what you can do and what style you can apply to your space. So get ready, take expert services offering wallpaper removal in London and embark on your journey to a new wallpaper and creating the space of your dreams. 

We hope that you have a significant renovation project!

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